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If your home or business has has lifted or missing shingles, dented gutters or fascia, or have you been inconvenienced by leaks, or discoloration to your ceilings or walls, it is most likely due to storm or wind damage. And left untreated, can lead to more serious problems such as weakening structures, electrical issues & hazardous mold.

Often times, homeowners assume that only damage caused by extreme weather events, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, is covered by their insurance. However, our yearly handful of storms, high winds, and occasional hail is the #1 cause of roof damage, and almost always covered by insurance. And this coverage doesn't only pertain to your roof. Damaged siding, gutters, decks, and even interior damage, are covered, as well.


We have been extremely successful in helping homeowners and business owners get a full roof replacement for their home or business at virtually no cost, through their homeowner’s or business insurance. 

We offer free inspections at your convenience, with no obligations. Please consider letting us help you get these costly repairs taken care of, free of financial burden.

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